Alignment and Engagement Survey and consulting

A wealth of academic evidence shows that the two greatest drivers of performance are alignment and engagement. Insync Surveys can help improve your education or library organisation's performance and effectiveness by focusing on one or both of these concepts and choose the best levers to improve results.

Alignment and Engagement Survey

The survey is based on our academically and statistically validated Alignment and Engagement framework, developed after extensive research into the link between alignment, engagement and sustainable high performance. The framework is measured by 10 high performance factors that fall under the headings Energise, Execute and Engage. Each factor is important for the achievement of sustainable high performance and measures the extent to which employees perceive that the organisation is achieving best practice in the relevant area.

By assessing how well your organisation is performing on all of these factors, the Alignment and Engagement Survey can identify what kind of issues are acting as barriers to achieving your organisation's goals, where those problems are and what actions can be taken.

For greater perspective, the core items on the Alignment and Engagement Survey are benchmarked  against the results from a sample of comparable education and library organisations in our benchmark database. Our benchmark databases have more than 950,000 responses.

The Alignment and Engagement Survey reveals the shortest path to sustainable high performance for an organisation through identifying:

  • whether engagement or alignment is a higher priority
  • pockets of best practice to be celebrated
  • specific areas for improvement, whether it be a particular department, location or role
  • specific areas to measure in the future with tools such as focus groups or a employee pulse survey
  • confidence to drive strategic change
  • benchmarked results that show whether problem areas are industry-wide or specific to your organisation

The Alignment and Engagement Survey is a standardised, simple to deliver online survey, and your project will be fully developed, hosted, administered and managed by qualified and experienced staff at Insync Surveys.


Our core purpose is to help organisations achieve sustainable high performance. We offer a number of core consulting services, including action planning and interactive focus groups.

Insync Surveys' registered psychologists and research experts have the knowledge and experience to help organisations become more effective. We work with all our clients from start to finish to ensure projects are successful.

Our dedicated education and library research project managers provide insights based on their technical and industry experience that guide post survey improvement initiatives.

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