Library Client Survey

Survey your library clients to identify major improvement opportunities for your library with the Library Client Survey. Conducted across university libraries in Australia and with an increasing overseas presence, the survey puts current library performance in context and can help you improve the effectiveness of your library.

The Library Client Survey helps you:

  • understand your clients' priorities
  • increase service levels and user satisfaction
  • support applications for new buildings and renovations
  • win funding for expanding and renewing collections
  • pass internal and external quality audits

The survey allows you to benchmark your library's performance against more than 400,000 library client responses in this product's our database.

The Library Client Survey is a standardised and simple to deliver online survey. Your project will be fully developed, hosted, administered and managed by qualified and experienced staff at Insync Surveys. Optional additions to the basic survey include:

  • Thematic analysis of free text responses, putting quantitative results into context and allowing for a deeper understanding of client needs
  • Customised and targeted questions assessing the information seeking behaviour of clients, to assist with evaluating communication and service offerings
  • Print surveys to meet the needs of different client groups

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