Survey form printing guidelines

A3 portrait survey forms

File format

The survey form is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format. You can open and print this file using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website for free. Please ensure that you have version 5.0 or later.

File check

Open the PDF file in Acrobat Reader and check that there are no problems in its appearance, and note the positioning of the square marks at the corners relative to the page. These marks are very important for software recognition and evaluation of the form when it is returned to Insync Surveys for analysis.

Note that the form is intended to be folded in half. The back page should be printed upside-down to make it easier to read in this format, and both sides MUST be printed on the same sheet of paper. It is recommended that you consult someone who is familiar with your printing equipment if you are unsure of how to print in the required orientation.

Print setup

Before printing the form:

  • Select [Page Setup...] from the [File] menu
  • Select the printer you wish to use
  • Select A3 (297x420mm) paper size and Portrait orientation
  • Click [Ok]


To print the form:

  • Select [Print...] from the [File] menu
    VERY IMPORTANT: there is an option called either "Fit to page", "Shrink oversize pages to page size" or "Page Scaling" - this option MUST be turned off or set to "None"
  • Print one copy to verify that it is correct

Things to check:

  • Paper size must be A3 (297x420 millimetres or 11.69x16.54 inches)
  • Paper weight should be 80gsm only
  • Use white paper or check with Insync Surveys regarding suitability of colour papers
  • The back page should be upside-down (if you're not sure, fold it and make sure it's easy to use)
  • The square marks at the corners of the page should be 8-11 millimetres (5/16 to 7/16 inch) from their nearest edges, and not cropped


When you distribute the forms, please ensure that you supply an adequate number of forms to each area, so that they will not have to be photocopied.


Photocopied survey forms may distort the form and render it unreadable by our machines.

Never fix staples to the survey forms as they can seriously damage our equipment or tear the form as they are removed.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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