RESEARCH: The Insync Surveys Retention Review 2010

March 2010

Suppressed demand for new jobs hit employers

Insync Surveys has released The Insync Surveys Retention Review. The 2010 report, based on 1548 employee responses, predicts a surge in staff turnover as the job market picks up.

The Insync Surveys Retention Review reveals the reasons employees leave their employer. Interestingly, fewer departing employees are now indicating a "lack of job satisfaction" as their number one reason for leaving, selected by 10% of employees in 2009 compared to 14% in 2007. However, "work stress" and "job security" are increasingly common. There is also a decline in "pay and conditions" as a driving influence in one's decision to leave.

James Garriock, Insync Surveys CEO said: "Employees aren't happier, they just haven't been leaving due to dissatisfaction."

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