Student Support Survey and consulting

Universities in Australia are competing to attract students from a wider diversity of backgrounds. The quality and breadth of a their education providers' student support services heavily impacts the experience, determining whether students are able to continue their studies when faced with educational, administrative, financial, social or health challenges.

Insync Surveys can help you improve the performance and effectiveness of your student support services, leading to improved student outcomes. The Insync Surveys Student Support Survey measures and benchmarks student experiences with a range of standard and customisable student support services.

Often run alternately with the Student Administrative Survey, the Student Support Survey will help your university:

  • understand your students' experiences
  • increase service and user satisfaction
  • identify and capitalise on areas of best practice
  • improve efficiency and productivity

The survey allows you to benchmark your university's performance against a range of other universities in Australia that have run the survey in the last two years. Benchmark information is available across support service areas and for individual services.

The Student Support Survey is a standardised and simple to deliver online survey. Your project will be fully developed, hosted, administered and managed by qualified and experienced staff at Insync Surveys.

Thematic analysis of free text responses is available as an optional addition to the basic survey, putting quantitative results into context and allowing for a deeper understanding of student needs.


Our core purpose is to help organisations achieve sustainable high performance. We offer a number of core consulting services, including action planning and interactive focus groups.

Insync Surveys' registered psychologists and research experts have the knowledge and experience to help organisations become more effective. We work with all our clients from start to finish to ensure projects are successful.

Our dedicated education research project managers provide insights based on their technical and industry experience that guide post survey improvement initiatives.

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